Founded in 1989, The Cypress Group is a retained wine business executive search firm focused exclusively on key wine industry placements. With 50+ years of cumulative recruiting experience, our mission is to help optimize your company’s competitive position and drive your business forward with world-class talent.

During our 16 years in Silicon Valley-based high-tech search, amid the industry’s emerging boom, we witnessed first-hand the impact of human capital in driving growth, profitability and valuation in highly competitive business environments. We have conducted 250+ searches for multi-billion dollar venture capital firms such as Mayfield Fund, Foundation Capital and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.

Confirming time and again the role of people as key competitive differentiators and strategic “weapons,” these VCs understood the necessity of laser-focused recruiting efforts in placing the precise strategic talent they needed to build world-class management teams. 

In 2004, The Cypress Group brought our hard-won expertise to wine business executive search.  We understand the difficulty of making a profit in the wine business and we know the challenges posed by market noise on brand awareness and differentiation, competitive direct-to-consumer marketing, winery consolidation, emerging wine regions, changing technology, systems, compliance, etc. We know how quickly cutting-edge skill sets become outdated, creating the need for new perspective and talent. 

We bring relevant insight into the profound implications hiring decisions can have on your company’s success. We know how time-consuming and difficult it can be to find and retain the best.  We understand the high monetary and cultural cost of one bad hire, and we know the organizational success and profitability a great hire can bring. 

To quote Steve Jobs:  ‘A’s hire ‘A’s; ‘B’s hire ‘C’s….  Our experience brings unparalleled perspective and creative solutions to your complex challenges. By employing the full scope of our expertise, integrity, network, and industry best practices, we guarantee our clients nothing but ‘A’s.For more on our strategic process, click here.